Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Networking tools and resources

The Wednesday Link List tradition has begun. To continue the theme from the last post. Here are some tools and links on the subject of networking from people much smarter than me.


Dribble: Twitter for Designers
You can't actually sign up yet. The web site just came out of private beta over the weekend and is still limited to invite only. However the concept seems really sound and its something to keep an eye on.
If you would like to try for an invite you can post your portfolio to

Facebook - Yeah. Most everyone has one but more and more often Facebook is being used by clients and employers to find out more about the people they are hiring.

Linked In - If you don't have a LinkedIn account you should get one. Keep an up to date list of your work. Recruiters often use LinkedIn to find people with the exact skill set they are looking for to fill a new position.

Twitter - I have mixed feeling on twitter. It can be used as an amazing networking tool but it can also be very very annoying. Some of the following articles discussing social media networking using twitter.



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Social Media

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and finally 10 Ways to get myself into the studio and working. My favorite, #10 - Have a chocolate chip cookie waiting on my work desk


  1. Hi Alison,

    Thank you for including my article in your list. You have found some great resources!

    I wanted to mention that I love Twitter and use it to discover great articles and sites like yours that I might never find. I also share resources I find on it. There can be some annoying things, but for the most part I unfollow anyone who annoys me ;)

    Keep up the great work. We readers are out here!

  2. Thank you so much!
    I use twitter quite a bit and find it a good resource overall however, of the tools that I recommended it is probably the last I would suggest to someone because its use is so varied and there aren't any good ways of keeping different people you follow organized.